The importance of feeding you properly with high-quality products is the basis for ensuring a longer and more serene life. More and more people are buying essential food from large international chains and then finding themselves dissatisfied and with that ever-present uncertainty unknown. It is very important to buy healthy products that give you the certainty of assimilating the true flavors of the earth, satisfying not only the palate but also the needs of your organism. One of the products to invest in to ensure a high quality of nutrition is definitely extra virgin oil, indispensable on every dish. There are several places in Italy where this food is produced with quality, one out of all Cilento; in the next few lines we will see some new aspects of Cilento extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil

Cilento’s quality products

Each territory has its own specialties and Cilento is among the places closest to oil production, let’s see which are the best products of this land and which come close to your tastes.


This oil is characterized by being perfect on hot dishes thanks to its fruity taste, intense herbaceous, with a slight hint of fresh grass, tomato leaf and a flagellation of the artichoke heart: an ideal product if you are looking for a strong flavor.


This oil belongs to the medium herbaceous fruity and is characterized by a net flavor of green tomato and fresh almond. Ideal for preparing decorations and enriching dishes based on fish, boiled meats, pestos, red sauces and eggs.


Among the most famous oils of Cilento is the Alfa, which combines with universal use and is perfect to enrich delicate meat dishes with its aroma and taste. If you are a meat connoisseur, this oil will not be missing on the table.


If you are looking for an intense product with a persistent taste you will find in the Crux the ideal companion. We asked for help from the most beautiful olive groves in Puglia to make CRUX: perfect to combine on baked or grilled meat and spicy Italian and international soups. It has a perfect balance between spicy and bitter particularly appreciated in Northern Europe, as well as on the national territory.