The best oils of Campania in the award-winning excellences of fattoria Ambrosio

Campania excellent region of oils

When the treasure of the earth turns into gastronomic primacy

Few regions can boast excellent territories in order to offer quality production among their products. Among the Italian ones, the best oils of Campania stand out for quality and refinement of taste. And among the companies that for years now maintain the primacy of oil production is the Ambrosio Farm in Cilento. But what will this much-talked about region have so special but can’t be appreciated enough? It will be the climate of the area, the favorable soil, the influence and presence of the volcano, the passion that all those who live every day the idea of creating the best oils of Campania take place. There are many factors that compete together to bring out this product at regional level, although little is yet known about the perfect combination that unites the whole thing. The fact is that quality is recognized. The Ambrosio Farm, among the many companies in the Campania area, in fact, can boast awards at national and international level, for years now.

Quality voted and rewarded

The best oils of Campania to the fury of sales and judges

The taste, texture, olfactory perception, in addition to the graphic design of the label and the choice of the most suitable bottle, have allowed fattoria Ambrosio to be recognized for years now, and for several years in a row, among the excellences of Made in Italy in matters of taste, such as the best oils of Campania. He was recognized as first place, mentions of merit, praises of excellence, awards of elegance and gold medals, at Italian level and also internationally. These are awards, such as that of Gambero Rosso, one of the many obtained, which make these olive products the best oils in Campania. Participating in events outside the Italian borders, means then bringing a representative product of our well-known and appreciated land. Seeing it awarded in Los Angeles, London or Japan, makes us understand even more how much passion in production, is valued and appreciated. It all comes from the attentive and loving hands of those who work the raw material.

Ambrosio Farm, a farm like a family

Work and passion of those who make an olive an Italian boast in the world

The commitment that is put into the choice of products, to allow a plant to grow, the protection towards this plant to preserve it from agents that can attack its health, are all gestures and attentions of those who put passion into what it does, because it really believes in it. It is evident that this happens on the Fattoria Ambrosio farm, because it is not only the significant and constantly increasing sales of extra virgin olive oil that is produced that prove its commercial consent, but much more. You appreciate the taste, in the different variants and aromas, but also the elegant and refined shape that the owners wanted to give it. The desire to seek the perfection of a taste, keeping it balanced and pleasant to the eye. The study of combinations of aromas to give this product, extra virgin olive oil, a special nomenclature when talking about the best oils of Campania, makes you feel a responsibility and an honor. This importance, who manages the Ambrosio Farm, from the smallest to the largest worker, from experience in the company and for enthusiast of the sector, live it with love and patience, skills necessary to achieve certain levels of quality. And as you whisper among the leaflets of the ancient olive trees of the Ambrosio Farm, it is a story to be written.