EVO Idra Oil


The elegance of mowed grass and green tomato, lively and persistent spicy

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  Riconoscimenti nazionali e internazionali

Fruity medium intense herbaceous, with a clear feeling of green tomato, mowed grass and slight notes of fresh almond. Light and pleasant feeling of bitterness and long but delicate closure of spicy. Very high visual clarity and fluidity on the palate.


The peculiarity of the very strong olfactory flavor accompanied by extreme taste delicacy makes the IDRA extra virgin olive oil suitable for the preparation and decoration of dishes that are not very or quite structured. In particular it can be used to enhance fish dishes, eggs, boiled meat and for the composition of green sauce, Genoese pesto and other white sauces or lean red sauces.


In general it gives food a feeling of fresh grass both olfactoryly and retronasal, without interfering with the taste characteristics of the food.


50 cl, 25 cl, 10 cl


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