EVO Alfa Oil


The freshness of thistle heart and tomato leaf, lots of taste, lots of warmth

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  Riconoscimenti nazionali e internazionali

Medium intense fruity with delicate and pleasant notes of grass, fresh almond and green tomato. Light and balanced hint of olive bitterness with marked flavor of well-balanced artichoke. Long and clean feeling of spicy in closing.


Alfa is an extra virgin olive oil of universal use, which goes well with both simple and delicate dishes and more important preparations. In particular, it tends to enhance with its good balance the first courses of lean and delicate meats, without interfering with the characteristics of the preparations, accentuating their aromas and taste.


The flavor to the taste combined with the general balance make it an oil that always leaves positive and non-intrusive sensations in every combination.



50 cl, 25 cl, 10 cl


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