EVO Riserva Oil


The charm of complexity, grass and almond together, deep scents, generous taste

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  Riconoscimenti nazionali e internazionali

Intense fruity green herbaceous, with amiable hints of fresh grass, nuances of tomato leaf, pleasant fragrance of the artichoke heart. Strong feeling of olive bitterness and pleasant spicy in closing. Extreme cleanliness of the fruity.


Riserva is an important extra virgin oil, with intense olfactory scents and medium taste persistence. It can give unforgettable sensations on hot dishes of any complexity. It leaves very pleasant distinctive marks on the traditional first courses of Italian cuisine such as baked pasta and fusilli in red. Combine perfectly with the spicy soups of international cuisine and grilled fish.


It has a perfect balance between the olfactory and taste sensations that give it personality in any combination.


50 cl, 25 cl, 10 cl


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