Fattoria Ambrosio


Over the years, we have chosen to invest passion and energy in the production of excellence and we have created the Ambrosio Farm, immersed in the colors and scents of the Mediterranean maquis of Cilento.

We preserve the rural and rural tradition with care for our olive groves and we are admirers of what makes every workmanship rich in taste, history and innovation.

With our products you can enhance the dishes and ingredients of your daily cuisine or even enrich in a simple and creative way the courses of your special occasions.

The Ambrosio Farm has been imagined and created to achieve our goal: to offer you exclusive EVO oils, with great aromas and balanced structure, taking care of every single production phase, from the olive grove to the transformation into an oil mill.

The varietal choice, the plant geometry, the fruit harvest, the precision crusher, the customized processing… we have no secrets. It simply guides us the desire to get the best out of what nature and technology can offer us.

One hundred hectares of paradise, framed by the Cilento National Park with its uncontaminated vegetation of Mediterranean scrub.

Thirty hectares of olive groves, divided into monovariethal fields, expressions of Italian tradition and typicality.

A turret of the 1800s, symbol of our solid roots, a place of ancient secrets and mysterious suggestions.

And finally our oil mill, the soul of our oils, the tool that allows us to shape our products, to dress them with elegance and character.

We, the Ambrosio family, from 1938 until today, practice excellence.


Extra virgin olive oil is the starting point from which to experiment with gastronomic pairings with a touch of class and elegance; among the products that have made our company brand a national reference, we can only mention the intense fruity of the RISERVA:balanced and complex, this product manages to enhance with its distinctive notes all the full-bodied first courses of the Italian tradition (pasta, sauces and legume soups, for example) without being intrusive. A drizzle of oil from Fattoria Ambrosio adapts perfectly to dishes of medium/ high complexity, rich or poor, traditional or experimental.


Can technology enhance the flavors and tastes of tradition? We are sure of that. The cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil comes from the crushing of the finest fruits, harvested in such a way as to avoid their damage and processed in a very short time.

Our mill allows us to enhance the characteristics of each variety in all processing phases. the result? IDRA and ALFA oils: twomedium intense fruity with pleasant herbaceous sensations and hints of fresh tomato. The products are perfect to enhance fish dishes, eggs or boiled meat with their right balance between fruity and taste structure. The right oil is able to accentuate – and not cover – the genuine flavors of the raw materials you use to prepare your dishes.

Fattoria Ambrosio - I migliori oli del cilento
Fattoria Ambrosio - I migliori oli del cilento


Coratina olive is strong, proud and true just like the land in which it grows. We are thus able to obtain an intense and full-bodied fruity that goes perfectly with traditional Italian dishes. But that’s not all: we at Fattoria Ambrosio know how to get fresh, spicy and persistent tones while maintaining the right balance. Enveloping and powerful, our CRUX oil is the emblem of this quest. Use it on meat or crudités, salads or legume soups.